Steve Gunn Music

I make music to illustrate what I teach people in my metaphysical work – and that is…..that it’s all about energy, its all about feeling, its all about states of being..

So my music has no lyrics because words are icons for concepts that divert us from states of feeling. I don’t want any lyrics to remind you of school or to inspire you with their clever social comment on the state of love or to have a “message” far from it..

I want to lose all of that and for you to just feel it. Not unlike drumming or chanting, this music is to help you experience different states, or at least try to. The ‘grooves’ are repetitive and simple as are the cycles of the physical body and spiritual energy. I don’t mind if you don’t like it, that’s not why I make it..but I hope you will choose to feel it, experience it and just see what happens..

Oh and PLEASE give this music a chance, don’t listen to it  on a portable device, or laptop, use something with decent speakers or quality headphones.

Thank you – I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Compilation – ( 18.9 Mb ) 13 mins 8 seconds – Moody and atmospheric

‘Stomp’ – ( 4.9 Mb ) 4 mins 5 seconds – Gutsy techno-ska sort of gritty energy

‘Gravity’ – ( 6.16 Mb 6 mins 25 seconds ) – Dance

‘Transmission’ – ( 2.21 Mb 1 min 50 seconds ) – Dance

‘Chant’ – ( 4.5 Mb ) 3mins 42 seconds  – Fast but moody techno-chanting

‘What The Funk’ – ( 3.78 Mb 3 mins 15 seconds ) Trying to hit that funk muscle with added techno

‘It’ – ( 3.11 Mb 3 mins 8 seconds ) – Let’s Rock

‘Real Wild Child’ – This one isn’t an original track its a cover I enjoyed putting the guitars on it to rock it out. “Real Wild Child” Vocals, Drums & Bass from guitars by me

‘What Does It matter ?’ – ( 12.2 Mb 5 mins 6 seconds ) – Something gentler


Steve Gunn Music

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