Metaphysicality Audiobook

Metaphysical audio book by Steve Gunn

“To access the simple beautiful peace and flow of the energy universe, we have to lose so much of what we thought we knew.
It’s only when we can understand that these constructs were the very things keeping us from the gateway to oneness that we can begin to walk the path”

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English Language
2 hours 22 minutes
mp3 format
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Beyond religion and belief lies the simple objective disciplines of observing how the energy universe works and how it affects everything we do, indeed it is everything we are….METAPHYSICALITY

This book focuses on explaining some of the core principles and how they link together to give a simple overview of universal mechanisms – but in order to do that has to challenge many of the ways we’ve been taught to understand the universe.. These teachings and constructs have become established in culture from religions, myth, folklore, pop culture and many other sources, creating a “common knowledge” view of the universe that is far from the reality.

And so the book seeks to strip these away and show how the basic mechanisms and principles are beautifully simple – far more simple than human minds and beliefs often allow it to be…It outlines some core principles that are meant to be the gateway for you to re look at the universe and your place in it anew and to hopefully see it for yourself at work around you.

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