Hi and Welcome to Kick The Fish Publishing..

Kick The Fish Publishing came into being back around 2002 as a little one man self publishing entity..

I wanted to publish my first book and I needed a name for the publisher. So many ‘obvious’ names were just that – obvious, predictable and sort of blaaaa that I went about as far the other way as I could and Kick The Fish was born.

Since then I have released 2 more audiobooks, many articles, some music, tarot software and some commercial software as part of a partnership.. And so Kick the Fish LLC continues on to be host to these and anything else that may come down the line in terms of publishable material..

The latest and most exciting venture is a podcast radio show called ‘The Flow’ with my friends – be sure to check it out.

I hope you enjoy this little one man publishing company and what it can offer.. feel free to browse..

Steve Gunn

Psychic – Metaphysical Practitioner – Tutor and Author

Consultations – articles and more : http://stevegunn.net


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